Leanne Crow and her big titty friend Sarah Nicola Randall show off their huge breast for the camera. Man those are some huge boobs!

Leanne Crow and her big titty friend Sarah Nicola Randall show off their huge breast for the camera. Man those are some huge boobs!

Big tits, that is the word of the day and after today’s post you guys are going to be thinking it all day long. Today I have two ladies who may have tits that are just a little too big for my taste. I know you guys are going to flip out and be like, “Too big you fucking crazy!” Hey I love big tits just like any other guy, but man come on. Leanne Crow and Sarah Nicola Randall are two big titty British babes and man I would love to just bury my face in between those all natural melons.

leanne-crow-and-sarah-randall02I’ve seen Leanne Crow before but Sarah Nicola Randall is new to me. Each of these ladies has their own website. Not sure I would join up, but I like to see all the free stuff floating around the web of them. Both of their measurements are staggering. Leanne Crow comes in at 32J-30-38 and she is 25 years old. Sarah Nicola Randall is also 25 years old and her measurements are 32H-24-34. Holy shit that is crazy, not only do they have some big tits, but they also have a sweet ass 30 plus inch ass. The free set below is one I found while checking out some porn on the web. Could you imagine being in the middle of these two big titty British babes? I would oil up their tits and just play slip and slide all day long. Have both of them rubbing their big boobies up and down my cock. Then maybe have the both of them just sliding their oiled bodies on mine. Man that would be so much fun. Just getting the chance to lay back and watch both of them rub their tits together and make out would make me blow my load, quick!

If you love big tits then make sure you jump on over to their sites below. It doesn’t look like either of them do anything more than just show off their tits for the camera. No hardcore, no girl on girl, not even a little dildo action. You might not even see their pussies, that sucks. Like I said before I love big tits, but man these girls are pushing my scale on how big is too big, but you know me I would still love to fuck them both. Enjoy the free photos and I will check you guys out later!

Leanne Crow official website here & Sarah Nicola Randall official website here


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